Eine Zusammenfassung der Medienberichterstattung zum neuen Bericht finden Sie hier

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Presentation of Bernard Lietaer “Money and Sustainability – the Missing Link” – LAUNCH VIDEOS NOW ONLINE

The videos of the launch of the Club of Rome EU Chapter’s newest Report, “Money and Sustainability – the Missing Link” by Bernard Lietaer are now available online. Click here to find out more. [...] read more

The Future we want? The Future we want or the Future that we will get?

The outcome of the Rio+20 negotiations are an agreement between the least interested and the least committed. We know we can do better and for the sake of our future humanity we must do better. A Club of Rome Blog contribution by Ian Johnson. [...] read more

Global prospects for Full Employment Global Prospects for Full Employment

In an increasingly globalized labor market, current nation-centric theories and models of employment need to be replaced with a human-centered global perspective complemented by new indicators that recognize the central and essential contribution of employment to human economic welfare. Employment and economy are subsets of society and their growth is driven by the more fundamental process of social development. [...] read more

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New Economy for a New World Where Rio should lead: New Economics for a New World

We face a new world. One with increasing demands from those who have not been given the chance to be part of mainstream economic life and have little wealth, real or illusory, to share. How can we make our current economic models fit for purpose? [...] read more

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concept of modern business Economists don’t like difficult questions, so we don’t ask them any

There is almost no serious debate about the role economics played in creating the crisis. Few bother to ask why, if they are so smart, so few economists saw it coming. No one asks why economics ignores the role of the finance sector. There is no discussion about how we might regulate markets efficiently [...] read more

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Hurrah for the Free Market! Hurrah for the free market! (Move aside now, please.)

The free market’s best time is now behind it. It has made all the easy gains and, after so many years of glorious progress, it is running out of steam. [...] read more

WRF Davos 2013 “Plundering the Planet” – The new Report to the Club of Rome by Ugo Bardi

The Club of Rome is partner of the World Resources Forum in Davos, where the new Reports “Plundering the Planet” and “Bankrupting Nature” will be presented. Speakers include the author Ugo Bardi as well as the Co-Presidents of the Club of Rome Anders Wijkman and Ernst-Ulrich von Weizs├Ącker. [...] read more