Club of Rome Summit 2019

The Club of Rome Annual Summit 2019 will take place in Stellenbosch, South Africa, on 6 November 2019.

This is an historic conference for the Club of Rome to reconnect to the Mother Continent and in the global South. The conference is an opportunity for us to harvest lessons from Africa that enabled the evolution of humanity as well as to engage with the continents great potential and to turn its vulnerabilities into opportunities through innovation and collaborative efforts leveraging our youthful population and vast spaces. 

Detailed information on the conference, including program and speakers, is available here.

The conference brings together leading scientists, policy and decision-makers, business leaders as well as activists from around the world. More information on the conference live-stream will be available soon.

The Summit will be split into separate workstreams, with a Youth Summit running in parallel to the internal Club of Rome AGM on 5th November, and a public Stakeholders Summit on 6th November.

Each will feature debate and deliberation on topics within the guiding pillars of The Club of Rome (CoR):

Climate Emergency

Co-creating solutions-oriented responses to the existential emergency of the climate crisis.

Reframing and Reclaiming Economics

Crafting and implementing new indicators and models of economic progress.

Rethinking Finance

Designing a sustainable global financial system at the service of humanity and the planet.

Emerging New Civilisation(s)

Developing a new paradigm to redefine our role as a species on Planet Earth.

The Youth Summit will bring together young leaders from across the globe – with a particular focus on the Global South – to deliberate on these systemic challenges. Participants will then join the larger Stakeholders Summit on the following day to integrate their thinking into the broader discussion. The Summit responds to the dire need for greater intergenerational dialogue and understanding in a society in which younger generations are increasingly mobilised and engaged, many pushing for the same systems shifts as members of The Club of Rome.

The Stakeholders Summit will gather CoR members, figures from the worlds of policy- making, diplomacy, business, science and civil society, and participants of the Youth Summit. It will be divided in four focus sessions with keynote speakers followed by broader debate on the topics referred to above. The Summit will provide a unique setting and opportunity to deliberate on and design solutions to the multifaceted emergencies with which we are now faced, at a crucial juncture in the global endeavor to steer humanity and planet onto a development path which is inherently beneficial for all living species.

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