Recent activities of the Club of Rome in Winterthur

The Club of Rome is based in Winterthur, Switzerland since many years. Besides our global activities we recognize the importance of local commitment and regularly take part in events in our hometown.

Recent activities included a presentation from Fabian Scheidler on his new book Chaos: Das neue Zeitalter der Revolutionen, the climate protection project Klimalandsgemeindepublic discussion with the General Secretary of the Club of Rome Graeme Maxton and a discussion with the dutch writer Alexander Nieuwenhuis.



Book presentation: Chaos: Das neue Zeitalter der Revolutionen by Fabian Scheidler


The author Fabian Scheidler gave a presentation on his new book Chaos: Das neue Zeitalter der Revolutionen in the office premises of the Club of Rome. The event was organized in cooperation with Nebenrolle Natur. The book deals with the current challenges of our (economic) system such as climate change, inequality, authoritarianism and migration.
You can find more information on the book here (in German).


Fabian Scheidler (in the middle) presenting his new book





The Klimalandsgemeinde is a project organized by the City of Winterthur, the Swiss climate protection movement My Blue Planet, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the Club of Rome.

Once a year it awards a total amount of 10.000 Francs to initiatives that try to implement climate protection projects on a local level. This year the prize went to “Klasse Klima”, a school class that reduces their environmental footprint in daily life. You can find more information on the project here (in German)

Participants of the Klimalandsgemeinde 2017



Reinventing Prosperity in Europe – Public Debate


“Reinventing Prosperity in Europe” was the topic of an event at the School of Management and Law in Winterthur. General Secretary of the Club of Rome Graeme Maxton discussed with the Deputy Director of the Think Tank Avenir Suisse and Dr. Maria Clara Rueda Maurer from the ZHAW about the shortcomings of our current economic system and climate change.


Club of Rome General Secretary Graeme Maxton at the School of Management and Law in Winterthur



Meet the Artist 


Organised by the Villa Sträuli, a residence for artists and site of cultural encounters, Club of Rome Communication and Project Manager Till Kellerhoff took part in an event with the Dutch writer Alexander Nieuwenhuis on his texts written in Winterthur during the last few weeks. You can find more information about the event here (in German).


Alexander Nieuwenhuis, moderator Christian Huggenberg and Till Kellerhoff (left to right) at the Villa Sträuli