Club of Rome members participate at Rome Symposium on Climate Change 2017

The second Rome Symposium on Climate Change “The World at a Turning Point: Concerted Action for a Stable Climate, Sustainable Human Progress and Peace” took place between 3-5 September. Several Club of Rome members, including Frederick Dubee, Ian T. Dunlop, and Graeme Maxton contributed to the event.

The First International Symposium held in Rome in June 2015 reviewed the realities and risks of climate change, identified weaknesses in the negotiating process before the Paris Climate
Summit, COP 21, and proposed policies and measures for rapid and effective climate action.

In the new geopolitical context and with additional knowledge from research and evidence worldwide, the Second Rome Symposium has three key purposes: to marshal the powerful arguments for climate action; to demonstrate that a wide spectrum of organizations and prestigious institutions are fully committed to action; and third, to stimulate a worldwide movement for climate action in the vital interests of both present and future generations.

The Symposium was held on the initiative of President Mikhail Gorbachev, with support of the Italiani Foundation, the European Space Agency and the New Policy Forum. A representative of
the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development attended.

The broadly based Expert Group of more than 20 international and Italian experts, scientists and practitioners that came together for the Symposium issued a Call for Action, addressed to political leaders, negotiators, business leaders, activists and ordinary citizens around the world.